Okay, so normally I’m a rainy, cloudy sky girl but in October the leaves change color and I’m willing, just for this one month, to give up my clouds for the colorful leaves.  But now that I don’t want it to rain, it’s cold and rainy.  What the heck?  All right, darklings, who put out the rain spell?  If was for me, I appreciate it but could we calm it down a little?  You did an excellent job and I’m very proud of you.  I think there may have to be a rain spell in the book I’m working on.

Here’s another problem, since I’m listing them.  I am completely out of coffee.  Not even, shiver, instant.  So I’m on my third cup of gingerbread herbal tea.  Which is great.  When you have like, A cup of it.  3 in a row and you start to feel a little sick.  And now, reading the box, there’s not even any freaking caffeine in this stuff!  Oh I gotta make a coffee run.  How can I write anything with no coffee?  Okay we’re cutting this one short, darklings.  Time to go.