I love October.  I love Halloween the most.  Horror movies, horror anything.  It’s acceptable to be a witch, acceptable to be a freak.  Snoopy Dance for Halloween.

Maybe this will be just what I need to jumpstart my writing.  I’ve already got costumes and I can’t get the candy yet or I’ll have to buy more.  No chocolate goes unloved in this house.  By me, that’s right I’m the guilty party.  That’s another thing to love.  There’s so much candy and chocolate around you could fill a pool with it.  That would be an awesome party.  If you had a pool, which I don’t.  Fill the pool with candy and stuff and let people jump in, it’ll be sanitary, it’s all wrapped, and take all of it with them.  They’d probably be drunk so they’ll take more than they could every want or need

But the best part of Halloween is that I always feel like there’s some kind of possibility there.  That something magical, scary, something, will happen that I don’t have to serve up.  That if I’m in the right place  at the right time, I’ll see it and maybe become part of those worlds that I write about.  I know, weird, huh?  I can’t help it.  But how cares?  It’s October.  30 days to Halloween!  Yay