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Halloween Is Finally Here!

Halloween is finally here, my gothlings.  We’ve waited like dark painted little angel freaks (remember freak is not a bad word here) for Halloween morning to dawn on us.  The one day of the year when we can be ourselves and no one really questions it.  Except for the few who ask what your supposed to be.  My general answer was, “Myself.”  And the questioning would pretty much stop there.  So don your fishnets and your big black boots, darken your eyes and blacken your lips to revel in the night meant to celebrate the end of the light side of the year.  Have fun.  But leave the little kids alone and don’t go bag snatching.  That’s not cool.  Just remember, you were a young gothling once.

So that’s it for today.  No writing advice.  Just Halloween.  Tonight I draw the names for comments.  I’ll post the winners on my facebook page and if you are a winner, I’ll send you an email for your address in private so you can get your stuff. 

Be careful out there.  Not everyone is wearing a mask tonight and not every sound is the wind.  And wear a coat, it’s going to be cold.  🙂


Devil’s Night

Gather closely all my darklings and gothlings, for tonight is Devil’s Night.  I know you won’t because if you celebrate it, you’ll be out when it’s your chance to do the tricking and not when it’s actually Halloween and maybe it’s something a little darker than any of us doing it.  If  you do go out on Devil’s Night, don’t do anything stupid.  Smashing pumpkins is one thing.  Setting fires like they do in some cities is another

But anyway, this means tomorrow is Halloween!  And tomorrow night is the prize drawing.  And dressing up and candy and horror movies.  I do believe that the veil between the worlds are thinnest then and the chances for something magically scary of magically wonderful to happen are possible.  So if you haven’t done it yet, get your mind right.  Set it for fun, darkness, scary and chocolate.  Come on people.  You could see a ghost and you’re getting chocolate.  Well, you know, via you kids bags.  But if you’ve got to walk with them, something has to keep your energy up.  So don’t feel guilty about grabbing a mini-Snickers or something.  It’s totally validated.  🙂

As for you other writer’s out there, at least the ones who write fiction, particularly the paranormal/horror type like me, get to writing today so tomorrow is free.  Type your little fingers off so you’re guiltless for basking in what Halloween has to offer.  And, really, you’ll still be doing you job as a writer.  Just pull in the atmosphere and feelings that go with day and especially the night.  Feel the excitement and fear, watch the horror movies, enjoy the kids running wild across lawns and watch the people so you can turn it into words later.  There’s no better writing than when you can take experience and mix it with imagination.

So Happy Devil’s Night, my lovelies.  Get ready for tomorrow.  Yay!  🙂

I had a completely different post in mind when I sat down at my computer but the weather icon on my Yahoo home page had changed from rain to snow and rain and I began to worry.  So I got up to get a fresh cup of coffee and made a trip past the windows where I peeked out the venetian blinds to see if I could see anything white.  I didn’t, but I guess it would be melting with the rain into a gross slushiness instead of laying like a blanket of cold made solid.  Aside from a few very specific things, I hate the snow.  I like how the sky turns a strange shade of violet-gray and the world seems to become very silent right before the snow begins, like its waiting.  And I like how it all looks when its fresh and untouched.  Then I want it to just go away.  If it snows on Halloween, I’ll be extra bitter.

Last Halloween was not a good for me.  Bad on lots of levels and I was hoping that this one would make up for it.  Maybe Mother Nature will pull it around for us.  What fun are costumes when you have to hide them under bulky coats?  Then people really do have to ask kids what they’re dressed up as because they can only see the bottoms. lol  I’m going to be hopeful.  Somehow we’ll have one of those freakishly warm Halloweens despite today’s weather, I’ll do the drawing and make some people a little happy and everything will be good.

As for the drawing, I think I’ll take the time today to pull the names of the commenters off of my list so I’ll have them to put in the hat.  Then, when the time to draw is here, I’ll be ready to go and put the names up on my kompletelykrista facebook page.  So make sure you check there. 

And one more thing, my gothlings, the horror movie-athons have started.  So watch some and know that I’m watching some too.  🙂

Well, my darklings, I know how one of my friends feels about graveyards.  But how do you feel about them?  I find a calming sense of peace as I walk through them, taking notice of their dates and whether they were a beloved anything.  Or is there is a double plot with a date on one side and just the born date on the other as a husband or wife waits for their life’s love to join them.  I think the spirits that may linger there appreciate the fact that I respect their places, that I will right their fallen urns or trace the etched stone with my fingers.  That I care.  I love the old trees that grow in those places, the upper branches that rustle in a breeze that I can’t feel.

What would I do if a spirit appeared to me while I was there?  I don’t know.  I seriously doubt that I’d be as calm as I think I would be.  But I hope I would be and just think of all of the inspiration you would have to write about.  I think you should give graveyards another chance.  Just go into them with respect and an open heart.

Changing The Date Of Halloween?

That’s right, all me darkling and gothlings, I heard a rumor about changing the date of Halloween.  Crazy isn’t it?  I guess you can’t really change the date of a such a popular holiday.  I mean really it’s Samhain, the witches Sabbat to end the lighter end of the year and the beginning of the darker half and it’s celebrated October 31-November1 and there’s a whole long history for witches and for the regular world to go along with that, that I won’t go into.  But the point is, how would you like Halloween to be celebrated on the last Saturday in October?  I suppose that’s strictly for the kiddies trick-or-treating  (don’t you love how the threat of the trick still comes first even after all this time), parties and that sort of thing.  The actual Holy Day can’t be changed, I hope.

I may be wrong, and please feel free to comment and let me know, but I think Samhain, dressed in whatever form, may very well be the oldest holiday any of us celebrate.  It’s the celebration of the fall harvest and like I said earlier the end of the bright part of the year and other things for other people.

But I think there’s definitely a story in there with a little tugging and imagination, gothlings.  The Goddess, or Gods, or whomever someone worships for that day could become very angry at such a the possibility of such an arbitrary decision for we as worshippers to decide to change the date that a powerful being holds sacred.

What do you think, darklings?  Is it my next short story?  I think it may be.  🙂

Near Coffee Disaster Avoided

There was a near coffee disaster avoided yesterday.  I ran out and have been running on about four hours of sleep a day, at most.  Luckily I actually remembered to buy some more and I am happily drinking a cup of it now as I type this and have my morning cigarette.  Would you really feel like reading yet another post on the miseries of being out of coffee?  I don’t even think I’d want to write it.  Where would the originality be?  I think I’ve sucked all of the funny out of it.

So last night I stayed up very late but I’m close to caught up to where I was when the computer ate my book.  It is safe and sound and ready to be added on to now.  If something else goes wrong, I’m going to have to take that as a sign that the book isn’t meant to be.  I’m going to be very careful.  I want to get as much done as I can now because Halloween is coming and unless some morbid idea comes to me, that will be a holiday from writing. 

Man, I’m tired.  I am literally falling asleep sitting up writing.  I don’t thing that’s a good sign, gothlings.  I might have to do a double spell check on this one, really read it to make sure my sentences are coherent.  I might have to make this a short one and post another short one later after I’ve been awake for a while.  The screen gets fuzzy when you’re exhausted, darklings.  If that starts to happen, it’s time for a break.  Trust me on this one.

Is there really such a thing as standard formating, gothlings?  I don’t know anymore.  It used to be a pretty simple thing.  You had a specific font, a certain size and you always had two spaces at the end of a sentence and double spaced your whole manuscript to leave room for an editor to make changes or remarks.  It’s not so simple anymore.  And how you’ve formatted can make or break your submission.  So really, my gothlings, take care when reading the guidelines.  You all know that I have an agent but that I also submit short stories to anthologies and magazines on my own but the way I format for the two are completely different.  Okay that’s my writing advice for the day.  If you’re not working with an agent, which is a personal choice, just make sure you are paying close attention to those guidelines.  You don’t want to get a rejection because you use Courier instead of Times New Roman.  I know a select all under the edit button can fix all that but once you’ve been turned down, that won’t make a difference.

So now that I’ve given my little lecture, let’s talk about something fun.  Or at least fun for me.  🙂  Are any of my older darklings dressing up in six, yay six!, days?  Yes, you are probably too old to go out after candy but that doesn’t mean you can’t be some kind of creature while you’re handing it out or going around with little ones.  What are you going to be?  I think my favorite goth dress will come out from the closet.  The black lipstick will reappear and the fake eyelashes with the sparkly stones on them.  And I can just tell everyone I’m a vampire or a witch.  lol 

I think for now I’m going to go write for a bit while the rest of the house is quiet and asleep.  I’ve got the stories I’m working on formatted the way they’re supposed to be for who they’re supposed to go for already.  😉

I’m wondering if I was made morbid or if I was born that way.  Is it something in my DNA?  I had a grandmother who was just like me, she loved crazy, weird, morbid stuff.  Or was spending so much time with her what did it and I’ve taken it further?  I was just replying to a comment about morticians and I was thinking when the first time I could remember the thought of a funeral home.  And it was a horror movie.  Remember Phantasm?  And the Tall Man with his deadly silver flying orbs and the creepy-ass cloaked creatures?  I was little and it scared me.  But it fascinated me too.  I don’t like to see a funeral line up because I know there’s a family in pain, but I think it’s cool to see a hearse driving around.  I saw one just yester and the 7-Eleven. lol  You can’t tell me that’s not a cool looking car.

Just think of the cool stories someone could write if they were a mortician and a writer.  I’m sure there’s confidentiality but I don’t mean about the dead exactly.  Writer’s watch people.  We watch how they react in situations and under different pressures, it helps us make our characters believable.  Think of the gatherings at viewings, the different emotions, the textures of life that one could take in working in a place based on taking care of the dead.

Okay, that was a little much.  Anyway.  Seven days til Halloween, the most awesome holiday and the drawing of names for comments.  I’m so excited.  It’s like Christmas for me.  And I can’t wait to see who wins the prizes.  We’ll have to wait and see.  🙂

Character Admiration

I think I have character admiration.  I know you’re supposed to like who you’re writing about but can you like them too much?  This book is YA paranormal and the main character is a very powerful girl.  Naturally, I’ve gothed her up and I think she’s pretty cool.  But I can’t have everyone like her.  I have some ideas on how to make it work.  I think I just have to be very careful to not make her invincible, to make sure she has some fallible personality traits.  Otherwise she’ll be unreletable and the character that I like so much will stay right here on my computer and no one else will ever know her.  Have any of you ever had a character like that?

I wish I could just have the time to sit and write out her story.  I know where she’s going and where she’s going to end up and I’d like to get her there.  I’d also like to be done. lol  Then you know all the fun editing stuff can begin.  I’d really like to be done that part.  When the day comes that I can do it, I’ll be sending my drafts to a professional to do the editing for me.  🙂  Just think about how wonderful that would be to finish, do an edit so you don’t embarrass yourself and then send your manuscript off to a pro to edit it for you.  It would come back all error free and pretty.  Like a cleaned up baby.  It makes me smile to think about it.

I’ve gotten off track.  So, what I need to do is keep writing and remember to keep my girl in check.  No one is perfect.  Too perfect=rejection.  That is bad. lol  Maybe I’ll put a sticky note on my computer to remind me of that and to use the thumb drive every so often in case my computer gets the munchies again. 🙂

My Computer Was Hungry

My computer was hungry last night.  It ate the second of the books I was working on.  I’m not sure how it happened.  It could have been me doing something stupid, but since I’ve lost work before I usually neurotically save what I’m writing.  I could have been a kid since I usually leave what I’m working on minimized so one click and there it is.  Either way, when I opened it up there was one blank page; not even a title.  Panic set it.  Phone calls were made.  Emails were sent.  It’s gone.  I hope my computer gets inferno-like indigestion.  As long as nothing else is harmed.  I swear today the thumb drive will be used.

Other than that, nothing much is going on.  I’ll probably spend a lot of time today rewriting what I had written and then store everything I have in Word on the thumb drive.  Busy, busy.

I will share one story with you before I go.  It’s a sad story, but it ends happy, so no worries gothlings.  I was doing a rewrite of Brimstone for my agent.  They were pretty big changes that a publisher wanted, so I figured out a way to make it work, and stayed up nights to get it all done in like two days.  A whole book.  But I got it done.  I know I’ve told you about the dead CPU that’s holding all of my other stories hostage at the moment, well it was that computer.  As I went to start it back up the email the book with the changes, that was when it died.  After I finished freaking out and trying everything I knew to make it turn on, eventually calling the computer very bad names and beating on it 🙂 a new computer was bought.  I emailed Terrie, my agent in case I haven’t told you her name, explained what happened got her to send me a her copy and did it all over again.  Maybe I did it better than what’s sitting on the CPU I’m currently glaring at.  So there’s two lessons: 1. Always use a backup (which I just learned again) and 2. Sometimes fate thinks you can do a better job.