I’m back.  I’ve just gotten most of my shipment for the Halloween drawing.  There’s a something on backorder.  I can’t tell or it wouldn’t be a surprise!  I did get a little something for myself.  It’s a black coffee mug, I’m a coffee addict if you haven’t noticed, shaped like a skull.  There will soon be a pot of coffee brewing so I can drink out of it.  Snoopy Dance!!  🙂  Still privately with the shades drawn.  I don’t want to emotional, mentally scar the neighbors.  Or get sued.  I don’t have that kind of money.

Today, my gothlings, and my lovely if you’re reading this, is my 10 year anniversary.  That’s right.  There’s a man in the world who has put up with my crap and bi-polar swings for 10 whole years.  Will 11 but we’ve been married 10.  Just in case one of my besties is reading this, he’s put up with them and much, much more for much, much longer.  Like 30 years.  I have one other bestie, who is a girl who’s hit the 30 year maker.  I’m a Taurus.  You know we earth signs are not much on change and are very loyal.  So I have two friends and a husband. lol  As sad as that may sound, I’ve kept them a very long time and I love them all and I hope they know it.

Okay enough emotional crap.  Let’s talk writing.  God, it’s getting tough.  But the tough is what makes it good.  So remember, the blank screen, easel, journal page, music page…it’ll come.  It’s all a gift.  And your muse might need a nap sometimes.  Let her nap.  That’s what she gives you the good shit.  Be patient.  I know, I’m one to talk.  But just wait.  Your muse will yawn and stretch and have a fantastic idea to share with you.  Mine’s napping right now so I’m going it on my own but she’ll fix it when she wakes up and says, “Krista, what in f*** were you thinking?”  lol  😉