Yes, my darklings, I committed the blogging sin.  As I sit here with my coffee and a cigarette dangling from my lips and stitches, with some old Eric Clapton playing, I realize that I need to apologize.  I had a tooth pulled yesterday and was on the strongest oxycodone I’ve ever been on in my life.  I realize now that I didn’t blog.  God knows what I would have written, so  it’s probably a good thing. lol  Or who knows?  We may have missed out on some really interesting stuff.

We’re having a problem with my drawing.  A large portion of the prizes have not arrived yet.  I’ve contacted the seller and have yet to receive a response.   So, there will probably still be a drawing but the stuff will be different.  I’m gonna see what I can do.

I’ve got some writing to make up for today.  Luckily it’s Sunday so there’s plenty of time for that.  To you other writer’s and artists out there, good creating to you today. 

Carrie set your book free.  Hugs.  You’re not a darkling or a gothling.  I guess you’ll have to be one of my lovelies.  🙂