In most cases, I don’t think I’m hard to work with.  If you ask people, say my husband, my mother, my agent, you may get a different story sometimes.  Just sometimes.  I’ve done some things that may have been considered unprofessional, darklings, and I live in a world where I don’t have the power to be unprofessional yet.  😉  Just kidding.  I’ve worked in office, blah, I know how it goes.

Let’s go to the cards.  I won’t go into the cards and their meanings because that would take all day, but I did a three card spread which was much more uplifting and a normal ten card spread which basically said I wanted too much, too fast.  Patience, the damned word that I must, Must, MUST learn to accept is the key to my joy.  Funny how the cards are so accurate.  Your subconscious, the spirit world, your guardian angel, whichever you believe it is telling you about your path in life.  So someone who knows who they are knows that I owe them an apology and I didn’t need the cards for that.  That’s just general Krista.  Weird doesn’t always mean unsocial grump.  It just means different and in this world, that is a good thing.  But anyway, I’m sorry.  Two very hard words that have gone out into the world for forever.  I’m not sure what difference they make, but they are there and honest and heartfelt.  Other’s doubts will not make me doubt me, or you, or the guy who thankfully didn’t yell because I cry when people yell at me. lol

Now, on to the October drawing.  I want to warn those of you who will be in it, and that’s everyone who’s commented that has not told me they don’t want to be included, once of the prizes is a genuine casket key.  I don’t know if this will really freak anyone out or if anyone will be worried about what may or may not come attached to something that was once used on the dead.  If you want to be in the drawing and you definitely don’t want that as part of your prize, let me know.  Sometimes older objects associated with the dead hold a piece of the dead.  They don’t feel like it to me but I’m just me.  I read cards, do some spells and have some untaught, sometimes lame abilities.  So let me know.