So I read my Tarot Cards this afternoon.  I prefer to have someone else do it but there’s a severe lack of Tarot readers around me so it’s me or nothing.  The basic message was:  I’m ignoring my creative side and destroying my dreams in the process.  And I can’t deny it.  despite the published stories I’ve had, they weren’t the best I could have done.  What could I do if I did my best?

Gothlings, those of you who are artists, and I’m sure a lot of you are in some manner, as far as writing goes, there’s nothing like weaving a a world around another person.  To take them somewhere they’re not or have never been, to feel things you main character feels like it’s their own life they’re going through.  For a reader to be sad that a book, or a series is over is what I dream of because I’ve been that reader.  I’ve cried, yeah I’ll admit it, at the end of the book many more times than once.

I’ve got to get through this block.  I’m writing but maybe not as well as I could be.  And that’s not good enough for me or anyone else.