Yes, my gothlings, it has been said again.  I am evil.  Not in a kidding, played a mean trick sort of way either.  I thought that had all ended in high school with my black lipstick but apparently not.  Back then I was also called a Devil worshipper, which I’ve never been.  No matter what I write, I’ve got a high amount of fear for the guy.  I have no reason to worship or summon him. lol  But, if you’re younger reading this, going through your goth, emo, funeral wear, whatever, even if you are a witch (which I was also called and avoided and lost friends over), don’t let that stuff bother you.  Be who you are.  You are the only one of you out there.  Love you.  That is for today.  But it’s important enough.  Don’t let other people bring you down and be yourself.  XOXO