Okay, hair is in a ponytail, coffee is prepped and steaming and my cigarette is lit.  Time to start, I believe.

I just happened to dye my hair purple on Sunday and the Ravens beat the crap out of the Steelers.  Sorry if you’re reading this Doug, but it’s true.  So by Monday morning everyone thought I had done it in honor of the Ravens Football team.  “Go Ravens!”  “You really love those Ravens, dontcha?”  “Did you do that so we could be the Steelers?” 

No.  I did not.  I have always wanted to dye my hair purple and, not being very bright sometimes, didn’t realize that as I was bleaching my dark hair so the purple would show, my husband was watching the football game.  I was proud of my purple hair as my husband made “the face”.  He’s very normal, I’m very not.  I’m considering re-piercing my tongue but I haven’t dropped that one on him yet.  I also want to streak the purple with the fuchsia that I usually use.  We’ll wait on that too.  The point is the stares and sidelong glances don’t and never have bothered me, it’s that people think I did it to be like a Raven Super Fan or something.  blah  I don’t care THAT much!  But now I have to accept it because after 2 days I’m tired of explaining it to people who then really look at me weird.  Oh well.  Choose you color timing with some thought in mind, that’s all I can say.  lol

On to writing.  I’m writing agin, thank goodness.  It felt good just to get a couple of paragraphs down and know they were good.  I’ll be doing more of that today.  I’m already ready, but there are some other things to take care of first or I won’t be able to be free to do it.  If you’re a writer, or artist of any kind, you know it feels like coming home to have been stuck in your art and then have it flow out of you like pure water; like it was just waiting for you to be ready.  I’m ready.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.  🙂