How many girls have said that in a panic? lol I still feel like crap.  Wait a minute, let me light another cigarette, that might help.  Oh the pain.  Could it be bronchitis?  Yay. 😛  So I dyed most of my hair purple tonight to try to make myself feel better.  It kind of worked.  I’m sure everyone else will hate it but my friends and my darklings.  (hugs)

So how’s the book coming?  It’s making its way into the world.  I’ve been distracted by life.  Damn that reality.  How dare it interfere with me and my creativity?  Geesh.  Got some good news from my agent though.  No contract or anything but interest and that to me is worth Snoopy dances, if I could dance, and cartwheels if I knew how to one.  But I do them in my head and they look pretty damn good.  🙂  It takes a special kind of girl to make a Snoopy dance look hardcore cool, ya know.  Yeah, I pulled it off. lol  But only in my imagination.  🙂

Now I’m going to go take my medicine with some coffee with vanilla creamer.  Yum!  Yes I drink a lot of coffee.  If I manage to wake up when I plan on it, I’ll be drinking more of it while I’m writing to you again.  I’m a Taurus.  We’re creatures of habit.  🙂  Good night gothlings.  Don’t start smoking if you haven’t already.  That’s Krista’s advice for today.  Or tonight actually.