And I don’t mean sick in head, which is normally a good thing.  I mean someone has given me a lay down on the sofa with some kleenxes, coffee, a blanket and some good movies and books and someone else to clean my house up.  What are the odds of that happening?  Anyone want to come take care of me?  Be forewarned.  It’s not pretty.  Even acceptable left the party a long time ago.

Today I will write at least one chapter.  If I have to prop myself up on NyQuil and whisky, I’m writing.  Then I’m hiding on the sofa which may or may not be spinning at that point.

So,  advice, for those of you over 21, do what you’ve gotta do to get some writing done.  Under 21, stick with the NyQuil.

Okay, darklings, I’m outta here.   ”””””