Today I’m going to go through how I have a baby.  Hey, now come back.  I know you know how it works . I’m talking about a book as a baby.  Geez.  One wrong word with some of you…  🙂

Usually for me, I come up with a title or a first line that just has to have a story to go with it.  Then, before I can really get going, I need an idea of how I want it to end and them I sort of fill in the middle with all the details.  Some writers are very responsible and take notes and make outlines.  Not me.  I need freedom to move and change my mind at all times.  But somehow I always manage to get to the ending that I wanted to begin with.

The point is thee is no wrong or right way, in my mind (which is kind of twisted to begin with), to write a book.  As long as the end result is a story that is good and you’re proud of

Okay, I’ve exhausted my cheerful advice for the day.  I might need to go back to sleep.  Or at least get more coffee.  Love ya, my Darklings.