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All Right, I’m Back

I’m back.  I’ve just gotten most of my shipment for the Halloween drawing.  There’s a something on backorder.  I can’t tell or it wouldn’t be a surprise!  I did get a little something for myself.  It’s a black coffee mug, I’m a coffee addict if you haven’t noticed, shaped like a skull.  There will soon be a pot of coffee brewing so I can drink out of it.  Snoopy Dance!!  🙂  Still privately with the shades drawn.  I don’t want to emotional, mentally scar the neighbors.  Or get sued.  I don’t have that kind of money.

Today, my gothlings, and my lovely if you’re reading this, is my 10 year anniversary.  That’s right.  There’s a man in the world who has put up with my crap and bi-polar swings for 10 whole years.  Will 11 but we’ve been married 10.  Just in case one of my besties is reading this, he’s put up with them and much, much more for much, much longer.  Like 30 years.  I have one other bestie, who is a girl who’s hit the 30 year maker.  I’m a Taurus.  You know we earth signs are not much on change and are very loyal.  So I have two friends and a husband. lol  As sad as that may sound, I’ve kept them a very long time and I love them all and I hope they know it.

Okay enough emotional crap.  Let’s talk writing.  God, it’s getting tough.  But the tough is what makes it good.  So remember, the blank screen, easel, journal page, music page…it’ll come.  It’s all a gift.  And your muse might need a nap sometimes.  Let her nap.  That’s what she gives you the good shit.  Be patient.  I know, I’m one to talk.  But just wait.  Your muse will yawn and stretch and have a fantastic idea to share with you.  Mine’s napping right now so I’m going it on my own but she’ll fix it when she wakes up and says, “Krista, what in f*** were you thinking?”  lol  😉


I’ve Committed The Blogging Sin

Yes, my darklings, I committed the blogging sin.  As I sit here with my coffee and a cigarette dangling from my lips and stitches, with some old Eric Clapton playing, I realize that I need to apologize.  I had a tooth pulled yesterday and was on the strongest oxycodone I’ve ever been on in my life.  I realize now that I didn’t blog.  God knows what I would have written, so  it’s probably a good thing. lol  Or who knows?  We may have missed out on some really interesting stuff.

We’re having a problem with my drawing.  A large portion of the prizes have not arrived yet.  I’ve contacted the seller and have yet to receive a response.   So, there will probably still be a drawing but the stuff will be different.  I’m gonna see what I can do.

I’ve got some writing to make up for today.  Luckily it’s Sunday so there’s plenty of time for that.  To you other writer’s and artists out there, good creating to you today. 

Carrie set your book free.  Hugs.  You’re not a darkling or a gothling.  I guess you’ll have to be one of my lovelies.  🙂

This Is a Special One

In most cases, I don’t think I’m hard to work with.  If you ask people, say my husband, my mother, my agent, you may get a different story sometimes.  Just sometimes.  I’ve done some things that may have been considered unprofessional, darklings, and I live in a world where I don’t have the power to be unprofessional yet.  😉  Just kidding.  I’ve worked in office, blah, I know how it goes.

Let’s go to the cards.  I won’t go into the cards and their meanings because that would take all day, but I did a three card spread which was much more uplifting and a normal ten card spread which basically said I wanted too much, too fast.  Patience, the damned word that I must, Must, MUST learn to accept is the key to my joy.  Funny how the cards are so accurate.  Your subconscious, the spirit world, your guardian angel, whichever you believe it is telling you about your path in life.  So someone who knows who they are knows that I owe them an apology and I didn’t need the cards for that.  That’s just general Krista.  Weird doesn’t always mean unsocial grump.  It just means different and in this world, that is a good thing.  But anyway, I’m sorry.  Two very hard words that have gone out into the world for forever.  I’m not sure what difference they make, but they are there and honest and heartfelt.  Other’s doubts will not make me doubt me, or you, or the guy who thankfully didn’t yell because I cry when people yell at me. lol

Now, on to the October drawing.  I want to warn those of you who will be in it, and that’s everyone who’s commented that has not told me they don’t want to be included, once of the prizes is a genuine casket key.  I don’t know if this will really freak anyone out or if anyone will be worried about what may or may not come attached to something that was once used on the dead.  If you want to be in the drawing and you definitely don’t want that as part of your prize, let me know.  Sometimes older objects associated with the dead hold a piece of the dead.  They don’t feel like it to me but I’m just me.  I read cards, do some spells and have some untaught, sometimes lame abilities.  So let me know.

It’s All In the Cards

So I read my Tarot Cards this afternoon.  I prefer to have someone else do it but there’s a severe lack of Tarot readers around me so it’s me or nothing.  The basic message was:  I’m ignoring my creative side and destroying my dreams in the process.  And I can’t deny it.  despite the published stories I’ve had, they weren’t the best I could have done.  What could I do if I did my best?

Gothlings, those of you who are artists, and I’m sure a lot of you are in some manner, as far as writing goes, there’s nothing like weaving a a world around another person.  To take them somewhere they’re not or have never been, to feel things you main character feels like it’s their own life they’re going through.  For a reader to be sad that a book, or a series is over is what I dream of because I’ve been that reader.  I’ve cried, yeah I’ll admit it, at the end of the book many more times than once.

I’ve got to get through this block.  I’m writing but maybe not as well as I could be.  And that’s not good enough for me or anyone else.

Patience Is My Lost Virtue

Yeah, I know about the other virtue but patience is the one we’re talking about today, darklings.  In writing, patience is something you need an abundance of.  Editors and publishers get so many books in their slush piles that I would hate to think about it.  It has to be overwhelming.  But is there a point when you ask yourself, “Hey, I’ve been waiting a long time for this and nothing’s happening?”?  You hear good things, you do what you’re supposed to do and still, you wait with no word from anyone in the limbo of the writing world. 

All I can say is I’m tired of waiting.  The back burner is a pretty sucky place to be and I’m tired of being there as well.  I’m at a crucial point in my career and I  have a lot of things to think about.  Could my family have been right?  Was this a bad idea?  Do I not have what it takes?  To be honest I do think I have what it takes but…there’s that waiting.  And I’m not being a siss about this.  I’m talking a good bit of waiting.  So I’m going to go now.  Make some coffee.  Do some housework.  And think about my life while I do it.

We never know what tomorrow brings.

Writer’s Bane

Writer’s Bane.  That is the opposite of writer’s block.  I have so many ideas and stories going right now that I have the Bane.  Have you ever had it?  It’s something to feared and appreciated because it’s a far better thing to have than the dreaded block.  I will, of course, find a way to finish all of the stories, the book, redo the synopsis as the book changes and get my away-from-the-computer life rolling too. 

It’s my own fault, really.  I should just work on the book but when I need a break I cruise through the writing furoms that I’m a part of and I see these anthologies that are filling up and I think I got an idea for that one.  And away I go.  Then I tell myself to stop, write the book because that’s the important, expected part.  And the worst part is that I’ve really got two books in the works.  An adult and one YA, both paranormal, of course.  The adult one has stalled, so at least I don’t have to feel guilty about that.  But just this morning I found another anthology that I have a perfect story for.  How do you pass up something like that?  And small, independent presses are so important to writers.  AND I have a migraine and I’m out of pain medication.  How did I let this happen?  As the great Charlie Brown would say, “ARGH!”

On the upside, I think I’ve figured out all the rules for the Halloween drawing.  1. You must be 18.  Not a problem because no one under 18 comments here.  2.  Once the prize is in your hands, I am not responsible for what you do with it.  And 3.  Don’t do anything stupid that might hurt yourself or others with the prize that you win.  I can’t imagine how anyone could do that, but people are creative and I want to cover my butt.  Also, if you are like Linda and don’t want to be included in the drawing, send me an email or leave me a comment to let me know that you don’t want you’re name in the hat.  These things may change, but I think that pretty well covers everything.

I Am Evil

Yes, my gothlings, it has been said again.  I am evil.  Not in a kidding, played a mean trick sort of way either.  I thought that had all ended in high school with my black lipstick but apparently not.  Back then I was also called a Devil worshipper, which I’ve never been.  No matter what I write, I’ve got a high amount of fear for the guy.  I have no reason to worship or summon him. lol  But, if you’re younger reading this, going through your goth, emo, funeral wear, whatever, even if you are a witch (which I was also called and avoided and lost friends over), don’t let that stuff bother you.  Be who you are.  You are the only one of you out there.  Love you.  That is for today.  But it’s important enough.  Don’t let other people bring you down and be yourself.  XOXO

The Coffee Disaster Has Been Diverted

Yesterday at this point there was no coffee left.  I was desperate.  I was withering.  It was not pretty.  But everything is okay now.  I have a fresh brewed pot behind me and a hot cup in my favorite mug in front of me.  It is now safe to come out of hiding.  All is right with the world.  Except I have to go to my mother’s today and she does not know about the purple hair.  Yes, darklings, I still fear my mommy.  Once, many eons ago when I was in high school, I wanted to dye my whole head purple instead of just the front like I’ve done now.  I was told my head would be shaved.  And it has taken me this long, and we’re talking over a decade here, to get the courage to do it. 

Now I’m looking at the box that will provide me with the fuchsia stripes through the purple and wonder, should I just get it all over with or wait until she sees the purple first.  It will be hated either way.  Anger will probably ensue.  My husband has given up hope and told me to do whatever I want with my hair.  So I’m thinking I should just do it all now, like ripping off a band-aid.  Besides I dyed it so it’s not an all over same shade of purple so how much difference could the other color make?  Man, sometimes I’m a wimp. lol

Now for writing, I’m feeling frustrated.  I know it has a LOT to do with waiting but I keep getting so close.  And no one really says what’s wrong with it.  From what I understand it’s kind of like, “We really like it.  It’s good but no.”  Read the reviews, most are from other writers and one is from a girl in the target age range.  They’re all good.  I don’t get it.  But the point is to keep writing I guess.  Keep waiting and hoping.  I wonder if my hair will get weirder the longer I wait.  What could I do next?

Good Morning, gothlings.  I did write yesterday as promised.  It felt good and I think it was pretty good.  I might have to try to do that again today.  I guess that means I’m not so angry anymore.  But, man, do I have some stuff to do around this house first now.  🙂  Don’t worry, I’m super girl and will find a way to get it done.  Any of my little darklings want to come help their favorite writer?  If it helps my case any, I think I have bronchitis.  I woke myself up around 3:30 am with the rattling in my chest when I was breathing.  And you would get the ultimate black fingernail pinkie promise that I will not cough or breath in you direction.   Takers?  Hello?  Why is it echoing in my blog?  That was weird.

So I have procured a few trinkets for those lovely people who come and comment on my blog.  I’ll be getting some more.  I’m still working thing kinks out but on Halloween, since Halloween Rocks, I will put the names of everyone who has commented on my blog into a hat.  I’ll draw 3 names, since 3 is my lucky number, and those 3 people will receive an assortment of basically weird/morbid stuff.  On November 1st, I will contact the winners, I guess through their blog ling (see kink) and let them know they’ve won and if they’d like to have the winnings since not everyone wants weird/morbid stuff like I do.  Then it will be shipped.  Now remember, I am a poor, struggling writer, so nothing is going to grandiose.  It’ll be cool.  And then I’ll ship it to you.  Sound cool?  I think so.  I kind of don’t want to give away the stuff I’ve gotten so far, which by the way I’ve got to hit up for having.  Excellent stuff.  Cool owner.  Check it out. 

So that’s it for today, my lovelies.  Tell me what you think.  If you’re against the whole thing I could, you know, just keep it.  🙂

Things Beyond My Control

Yes, it was things beyond my control that kept me from writing yesterday.  Those things built a rage so deep and fiery that I couldn’t write.  You would think after yesterday’s rant that the exact opposite would be true but it wasn’t.  Not then.  Maybe after things are settled today.  Then I can try to re-start things.

I’m very much like Alice in Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorites since I was a little girl many years ago.  I give myself very good but I very seldom follow it.  But being a grown-up means sometimes you have to put other things first, so yesterday, writing came second.

But today I will write.  I have to promise  myself this even if it’s just a paragraph.