That’s right.  Irene took me out but power has just been restored to my house and the blog is up and running again.

First, let me tell you the story of when the electricity went out.  I am not a sleeper.  I fall asleep late, wake up early and wake up during the in-betweens of sleep time.  So around 11pm I decided I would do some laundry.  So as I’m alone in the basement, the power goes out.  Complete darkness.  I tell myself, “Don’t freak out.  It’s just a basement.  You’ve been down here a thousand times.”  But then I write paranormal and horror so I know what can happen during a thunderstorm in a basement when the lights go out and you’re suddenly disoriented.

Forget the laundry.  Focus, Krista.  Find the steps and get the hell out of the basement.  Do not turn around.  I’ve got my hand out in front of me searching for something familiar, Clarice Starling style.  My dog bailed on me.   I heard her bolt up the steps and she’s waiting for me to open the door so she can get out to.  Thank you, non-Lassie.  Finally I find the steps and allow myself to go up quickly but not run.  I convince myself that there is not something reaching for me before I get to the door because that’s where its power stops.  Obviously I made it.  But that has been something I’ve dreaded forever.

So the power is back.  I’ve got stuff to catch up on now, like actual book writing, but I wanted to put something up here first.  I couldn’t forget my darklings.  My advice for today is, don’t do laundry late at night if there’s even a chance the power is going to go out.  Save yourself the emotional scar.  And the dog betrayal.