Yes, my lovelies, just as I was ready to settle down and write, the power went out.  So I ended up folding laundry by candlelight.  Not very exciting.  I did do a lot of planning for today’s writing, though.  I’ve decided some of the characters attitudes and how they’ll grow, descriptions of places, some dialogue.  So it wasn’t all a waste.  Sometimes a dark and quiet house is a good thing.  When there’s nothing to distract you, what’s left but the book?

Today I will write if it kills me.  I guess even if it has to be in a notebook.  Maybe I should have taken business instead of college prep courses in high school and I would know short hand or something useful.

I’m also feeling the need to do something odd to myself.  Nothing big, no tats and only the normal piercings remain now.  But maybe I need to dye my hair again, add a few streaks of purple or magenta.  What do you think?  I think it’s a good idea.  🙂  That will all have to wait until after the hurricane, though.  Who knows what would happen if the power went out then?  lol

Does anyone else have a ritual or odd habit when they really get into a book?