I’ve been talking a lot about me.  Of course, it is my blog about my writing but I want to include those of you that read this.  So, tell me, what is your favorite book?  It doesn’t have to be some literature classic.  It could be Winnie the Pooh for all I care if you love it.  Just tell me why.  What makes your book special to you?  I know for some this will be a hard choice and I’ll get more than one book.  That’s fine because I don’t think I can narrow it down either.  If it’s a series, you can pick that as well.  And, of course, if you’ve been published your book is your favorite but I mean by another writer, so don’t try to get all trixie with me.  😉

Mine is the Witching Hour by Anne Rice.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read that book.  The first time I was 16 and kept the same paperback version until is was that wonderful shade of gold and the pages were fragile and falling apart.  Then as a gift I, I was given a new copy.  The book is lush.  It’s ripe with atmosphere and details, unbelievable magic and emotions.  Feelings that you long for and don’t want to deal with.  You can feel the rooms like you’re standing there with the characters and you get to know everyone so well.  It’s the start of a series but a damn fine start.  There are many others but I will always go back to that one.

So as I work on chapter 3 of the new book, tell me about your favorite old book.  Tell me why.  What make a book everlasting for you?