Good morning, my lovelies and dark fellows, if any guys are reading things.  I’ve poured my first cup of coffee and counted up the acceptances that I keep in an email folder and realized that there are now 13 of them.  That’s not too bad considering that I’ve only been trying for 2 years and most of them have happened in this second.  But I’m left with this feeling that I’ve got to get away from 13.  I thought I could put everything else down for the most part and just focus on my book but I know me and me says, “Get the Hell away from 13 or you’ll never get another thing published.”  I’m a very superstitious kind of girl, always have been.  So maybe one or two more while I work on the book just to get some distance.

I’m hoping that the new book Obsession will come today so I can get that thrill of seeing my name on the TOC.  That feels so freaking good.  I’m not a self-bloated ego girl so something like my name in a book does wonders for me.  Maybe I’ll even sign the ones I have just so I can say that I’ve signed a book. lol  What d’ya think?

I know it’s 5am now because I Love Lucy reruns are playing softly on the television.  I’ve never watched them before but now I think I’ve seen all of them.  Or at least the ones the station plays over and over.  Wow, that was off topic.

Anyway, I need to relax.  What do you do to relax?  Give me a comment.  I don’t know if there’s a secret way to tell me if you have some secret thing you do but if it works, I’d love to try it  Writing used to be it for me and it still is but I need more.  So tell me, what do you do when you’re not creating other worlds in your heads to just chill out?