Yes, my lovely darklings, I believe it’s going to be one of those days.  I’m not sure why yet.  Could be that I’m awake with my coffee, freezing on an August 23rd and posting way too early with a list of things to do today and it’s just too early to start doing any of them really.  I do like this time of the morning.  There’s no pressure, I can hear whatever is on the television and I can pick out the little noises in the house that says even if I’m alone someone else is here.  My mind has time to wander freely and I can just think.  But the pillow keeps calling me even though I know that no real good will come of it, so would any descent writing come from now?  Maybe the problem is that I’ve had to switch to decaffeinated coffee and I haven’t fully adjusted yet.  Maybe even the sarcastic one needs to just snuggle in for a little while.  Who knows?

The point is, this is an oppurtunity to write an I can’t pass it up even if I have to go back and edit and delete until it doesn’t look like anything I started with.  Even as I type this my time is passing by.  Another cup of coffee, if you can call decaffeinated stuff that, has to come first.  At the very least Chapter 2 will be finished today and Chapter 3 will be started.  I have decided to set my steady pace and I will keep it.

Hold on, coffee’s cold and I have to get another before I finish this up.  🙂  Okay, it’s cold from underneath this blanket I’m wrapped up in but I’ve got my coffee.  Mission accomplished.  Day has begun.  So this is a writer’s blog but I promised some other things.  Tell me what you’re favorite horror movie is and why if you’re up for it.  That’s a hard one, I know.  So many classics, so much new stuff.  Even I can’t really narrow it down.  I’d have to go for original Night of the Living Dead, Prince of Darkness, and Halloween.  Jaws messes me up because I’m terrified of the vastness of the ocean.  You just don’t know what’s out there and you’re so alone.  The original Alien gets me for the same reason, though those aren’t quite horror, horror to me.  I’ll stop now since I’m rambling along and could probably just keep going.  I could talk horror movies forever. lol  On we go, my darklings.  Have a wonderful gray day.  😉