Well, my darklings, this book thing I’m working on is, as the title states, both easier and harder than I thought it would be.  It’s never really easy, easy.  Creating something out of thin air isn’t the simplest thing in the world.  If you’re any kind of artist, or even just blogging and trying to say what you’re thinking and feeling, you know that’s true.  But my ideas are there.  There enough this time that I actually have a kind of plan to follow.  I’m not just writing, thinking:  Yeah, that would be cool next because then…  But it’s hard because I need to take my time some.  Chapter one is done.  Forced to go slowly and I’ll probably go back to add to it so it’s deeper but done, nonetheless.

Hard comes in because now that I know where I want to go, I just want to get there but this character needs to experience everything to make her the person she is meant to be or the whole book is pointless.  Plus, if I take my time I’m less likely to make mistakes and that saves on the editing and polishing and I REALLY hate that part.

I always welcome every comment I get, but I have some questions for any fellow writers out there.  What kind of time table do you set for yourself?  Do you bother or do you usually do like I do and just write until it just doesn’t come out anymore and the end has been reached?  I’m working on chapter 2, like I said and if I follow a chapter a day for a month, that 30 and I’m done save for editing.  Maybe that’s the way to go?  Any advice for me?