Did it catch you?  I hope so because I couldn’t think of another title. lol  I guess I shouldn’t admit that but I’m being honest here and sometimes the title comes last.  I like that though, so it’s going to stay.

Last night I received an acceptance for a very short story I wrote for an anthology for Wicked East Press.  I have already started on the new book so the email was a good thing.  One less thing for me to worry about while I write.  I want this book to be excellent.  Really everything I write I want to be excellent but this one I feel needs to have hands and teeth and heart and soul to grab and hold on with.  Yes, they all do.  But yesterday’s desperation is today’s… extra desperation.  If you write you know this feeling.  You want it so badly, you know that inside you are stories that will make people feel.

I don’t think the short stories are going to stop.  I think I’ll use them as my adult format since my books are more YA paranormal and I’ve just got too much scary stuff in my head to unleash on kiddies sometimes.  If I even get my old CPU working, I’ll post some of my old shorts on here.  Until then, unless something miraculous happens, it might have to be some of the poetry from now on since I’m going to be directing the writing to The Book.  But stick with me, Gothlings, the posts will keep coming.  I’ll keep updating and there will be more interesting stuff to come, I’m sure.  I’m chock full of weird. lol  😉