This morning I’m waiting for Obsession to arrive.  It’s too soon yet but there’s something great about waiting for a book to come with your name on the TOC.  While waiting, I’ve been thinking.  Again.  Sometimes I worry about that but that’s what we do as writers, isn’t it?  Think.  Watch people interact.  See how to make them real, how to give them just enough description to let a reader make them real for themself?

Here’s what I think.  I’ve been waiting too long.  Sometimes inspiration comes like a bolt of true love.  You have to write it.  You know it’s great and lasting.  But sometimes you have to sit down and work at it.  It isn’t always that shot in the dark.  Sometimes it’s a little seed of an idea that you’ve got to sit down and nurture and grow into something strong and withstanding.  It isn’t always easy and that’s where desire comes in.  If you want it badly enough, you know you can do it.  Take the thought, the tiny glimpse of a novel and lead it through the growing process.  Give it deep roots so that it can hold strong against your own frantic desperation, which will come.  You’ll have to prune your book with editing.  But in the end you have to grow it into something worth keeping, worth reading, worth selling.  And, for most of us, including me, you need an agent to help get that beautiful book/tree/plant out there for the world to see.

The point is, I have a great, caring agent who believes in what I write.  And I think I have a new idea.  This was not a the thundercrack of Brimstone Blues, which is still my favorite.  But I think this will grow into to something really cool.  Something people will want to read and read again.  Hopefully.  So today I’m going to sit down at this computer again and start a new book.  And the heroine may just have to be the kick-ass goth chick who looks great in thigh high fishnets and likes old school Nine Inch Nails that I blogged about previously.  Here we go again.  🙂