I’ve watched the weather.  It’s primed to be my kind of day.  Cloudy, rainy and some thunderstorms.  I’ve got a little horror piece I’m trying to finish off and maybe that will get done today.  Just so you know, Obsession, a book put out by Static Movement featuring my story To Be Made To Feel and available at Pill Hill Press is ripe and ready for the purchasing is you so please.  I added a twisted little tale of slow and painful revenge.  I won’t give it all away but it does involve duct tape, rubber hose and some tools.  Hell really hath no fury, you know. >:)

Let me talk for a moment about small independent presses.  These are very important in the book world.  Every writer, pretty much, goes out into the world looking for the “Golden Ticket”.  It takes a long time, if ever, to get one of those.  I’m not hating on your dream because I am not giving up mine, but just remember to give some love to the smaller guys and girls out there that are putting out good books and magazines.  You’ll learn a lot about how to write.  You’ll learn about submitting and if you’ve done that you know it’s a bitch sometimes.  You will also meet other excellent writers and artists and people.  Keep writing your novels.  Keep pushing your books, but get your name out there too.  Build a bio so you have something to show for yourself when you do submit and they want a publishing history.  Everyone does start somewhere.  Pick a place and make it great.  There’s my bit of sunshine for the day.  Now I’m exhausted and need more coffee.