Since I’ve been absent, I’m going to post again a bit sooner than usual.  Can’t have my few followers forgetting about me.  🙂  Gotta keep the dark love flowing.  So I’ve been thinking, which can be dangerous at times. lol  And I’m wondering, do books always have to have a happy ending?  We all want happy ever after in our own lives and we kind of expect them in whatever we happen the be reading.  Is it a let down if there is no HEA?  Sometimes there isn’t.  occasionally there’s only a make the best of it.  Or the best of it can be the worst.

I’ll give a horror movie example here for this one.  Drag Me to Hell for example.  Good movie.  Pretty good scares, a little funny and you think she finally got that bitch in the end.  And then her boyfriend pulls out that button.  Unhappy, yet great, unexpected ending on a beautiful day when he’s going to ask her to marry him.

I’ll admit that if love is involved I want a happy ending.  I can’t help it.  I’m a sucker for that cosmic soul mate Jim and Pam Morrison thing.  Though they might not be the best example.  🙂  But she was his true love and you have to admit that’s hard to find.  So what do you thing, readers.  Happy or not happy?  Or is there space to wiggle?  Let me know.