I’m sorry to those of you who come semi regularly to read this blog that I didn’t get it done.  I tried.  Really.  I had this exact screen open many times yesterday but that is yet another pitfall in the life of a writer.  No matter how much more appealing the world your character lives in is, you have got to take care of YOUR world too.  Bills must be paid.  Laundry must be washed.  Otherwise you’re trying to pull off being that artsy person who smells bad by choice and has to use a lap top at a Starbuck’s or McDonald’s hat had WiFi.  I am not meant for that kind of life.  So now I just need to learn some better time management skills that will allow me to do it all.   

By the way, does anyone have that magic wand?   It’s not nice to not share, you know.

Anyway, I still have a few things to finish up and I’m going to post a story that have that hasn’t gotten any love from the places I’ve sent it.  I’ll admit that it’s not my best.  But I do think it’s kind of quirky and cute.  Tell me what you think about it after you read it, if you chose to read it and, of course, leave me some comments.  I love them.  🙂