For a writer, silence of the mind can be either a good or bad thing.  On the good side, silence in the mind of a writer means you are just mowing through words.  They’re flowing and passing down to your fingertips as if they were meant to be on the screen and part of the story.  That silence is golden because you, as the writer, have entred that golden place called The Zone.  You can’t question the zone or think about it too hard or you break the fragile spell that you’ve woven yourself into until the cocoon unravels and hopefully deposits you right where you need to be in your story.

And because we all know that the universe needs to be balanced, there can be no good without evil:

Here’s the other side of the silence of the mind.  You’ve spent hours staring at the cursor flashing at you hypnotically on your screen.  You struggle for a sentence.  And then where to go from that sentence.  You consider punching the computer screen to making stop blinking at you but don’t because you know you would only have to buy a new one and start all over again from scratch.  This is the silence that it over-crowded with words that could work if you could find a way to put them in order like a puzzle .  It’s actually not silent, it’s too loud to hear yourself think.

Breath, my writer friends.  Rage at something that won’t get its feeling hurt.  Litsten to some music.  Walk away and everything will be fine.  Most writing is not done in either of those places.  Sometimes we slide there but to keep carrying forward, we each find a way back out.  And be honest, would you really want to read a whole book that was written in the sunshiny place of perfection anyway?  Not me.  What do you think