So what does a once goth chic do when she peers longingly at her black lipstick and fishnet stockings and knows that if she puts them on she’ll look like that dreaded “P” word.  You must know the one I’m talking about.  It’s Poser.  There may be no more dreaded in all of freak-dom.  And I use that word, freak, with all affection.  What about when it’s your music, not your parent’s that’s on the classic music station?  And you think What in the Hell is Nine In Nails doing on Classic Rock? 

If you’re lucky and a writer, the answer is pretty simple.  First you decide that the fishnets probably weren’t that comfortable anyway.  You don’t feel like scrubbing black lipstick off of your glasses.  Put a Nine Inch Nails CD in and forget about the radio station.  And then you write yourself a new kick ass Goth chic who looks awesome in short skirts, thigh high fishnets and black lipstick and saves the world from vampires.  Or zombies.  Or some form of the undead or demons.  😉 

Sometimes it’s still pretty cool to be grown-up.