The storms have passed and like I always say, a day without clouds is like a day with too much sunshine. Aside from my natural anit-sunshiney disposition, the stuff hurts my eyes. Too much time in the dark maybe?
Anyway, I’m working things out here, getting the feel of the controls. I posted a short story. Did you read it? If you didn’t, have a look. If you did, leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I’ve made a kompletelykrista facebook page so come like me because I have low self-esteem and need to be luved. If you have a blog or a page, leave it so I can follow you and we can be a great big happy whatever.
Other than that I’m writing, writing, writing. Trying to find a way to get that opening sentence or that twist at the end. So tell me, if you’d like to comment and I’d like to hear you, what draws you into a book? Is it the character, the drama, the langauge, atmosphere? Everything?