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Okay, I’m Baaack

That’s right.  Irene took me out but power has just been restored to my house and the blog is up and running again.

First, let me tell you the story of when the electricity went out.  I am not a sleeper.  I fall asleep late, wake up early and wake up during the in-betweens of sleep time.  So around 11pm I decided I would do some laundry.  So as I’m alone in the basement, the power goes out.  Complete darkness.  I tell myself, “Don’t freak out.  It’s just a basement.  You’ve been down here a thousand times.”  But then I write paranormal and horror so I know what can happen during a thunderstorm in a basement when the lights go out and you’re suddenly disoriented.

Forget the laundry.  Focus, Krista.  Find the steps and get the hell out of the basement.  Do not turn around.  I’ve got my hand out in front of me searching for something familiar, Clarice Starling style.  My dog bailed on me.   I heard her bolt up the steps and she’s waiting for me to open the door so she can get out to.  Thank you, non-Lassie.  Finally I find the steps and allow myself to go up quickly but not run.  I convince myself that there is not something reaching for me before I get to the door because that’s where its power stops.  Obviously I made it.  But that has been something I’ve dreaded forever.

So the power is back.  I’ve got stuff to catch up on now, like actual book writing, but I wanted to put something up here first.  I couldn’t forget my darklings.  My advice for today is, don’t do laundry late at night if there’s even a chance the power is going to go out.  Save yourself the emotional scar.  And the dog betrayal.


Yes, my lovelies, just as I was ready to settle down and write, the power went out.  So I ended up folding laundry by candlelight.  Not very exciting.  I did do a lot of planning for today’s writing, though.  I’ve decided some of the characters attitudes and how they’ll grow, descriptions of places, some dialogue.  So it wasn’t all a waste.  Sometimes a dark and quiet house is a good thing.  When there’s nothing to distract you, what’s left but the book?

Today I will write if it kills me.  I guess even if it has to be in a notebook.  Maybe I should have taken business instead of college prep courses in high school and I would know short hand or something useful.

I’m also feeling the need to do something odd to myself.  Nothing big, no tats and only the normal piercings remain now.  But maybe I need to dye my hair again, add a few streaks of purple or magenta.  What do you think?  I think it’s a good idea.  🙂  That will all have to wait until after the hurricane, though.  Who knows what would happen if the power went out then?  lol

Does anyone else have a ritual or odd habit when they really get into a book?

Is it just me, or is there something about the energy in a tumultuous Mother Nature that just really gets your inspiration going?  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want anyone hurt or tons of damage or anything, but that electric current in the air that says  something big is going to happen is so full of potential.  I feel like if I don’t use it to create, I’m wasting a chance at something special.  Of course, if the power goes out, I’m screwed.  Maybe I could paint but it’s not the same.  And writing by hand is so slooowww.  🙂

I thought I had my slate cleared for the new book but another idea popped into my head.  Now I’m doing double duty again.  I suppose that’s a good thing.  A writer who runs out of ideas is a lost soul.  I’ve been one before at different times in my life when writing just wouldn’t come to me for one reason or another.  It is not a good feeling.  When writing makes up so much of who you are and it disappears on you, there’s a hole that you’re constantly trying fill. 

So my plan for today is to have myself ready to write.  Yeah, I know, I should be ready now but we all have responsibilities.  I’ll get those out the way first and then writing here I come.  Yay!! 🙂

And everyone out there in Irene’s path, be careful.

Let’s Talk Halloween

I know it’s still August but I feel the need for Halloween.  I love, love, love Halloween.  And I don’t just mean candy, which doesn’t hurt because, come on, it’s chocolate, but I love that feeling.  That sense that something wicked this way very well MAY be coming.  The smell of autumn, crisp air when warm is still trying to struggle, the crunch of the brown leaves that have fallen from the trees.  The leaves that are left that are blazing in golden, red and orange.  Kids are running around excited even if they’re not really sure why.  There’s finally never a shortage of horror movies.

For me, though, it’s more than that.  I feel like I can be me without the weird looks.  The season just feels like possibilities for magic.  It could happen.  My black make-up isn’t so strange.  My black hair with the occasional odd colored streaks isn’t out of the ordinary.  I fit in Halloween.  Samhain.  The Witching Season.  Take your pick.  I really believe this year something good will happen.  Take a minute and look around.  Breathe in the air, appreciate the beauty of it.  Death can have just as much loveliness and grace as life if you look at it the right way.

I want to finish my book by then, I think.  That is a big undertaking if you’ve even written a book but right now I think I could do it. 

Do you love the season, gothlings?  Really love it?  What do you love?  What do you do?  How do you celebrate it?  Share with me your love of my love.

So What’s Your Favorite Book?

I’ve been talking a lot about me.  Of course, it is my blog about my writing but I want to include those of you that read this.  So, tell me, what is your favorite book?  It doesn’t have to be some literature classic.  It could be Winnie the Pooh for all I care if you love it.  Just tell me why.  What makes your book special to you?  I know for some this will be a hard choice and I’ll get more than one book.  That’s fine because I don’t think I can narrow it down either.  If it’s a series, you can pick that as well.  And, of course, if you’ve been published your book is your favorite but I mean by another writer, so don’t try to get all trixie with me.  😉

Mine is the Witching Hour by Anne Rice.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read that book.  The first time I was 16 and kept the same paperback version until is was that wonderful shade of gold and the pages were fragile and falling apart.  Then as a gift I, I was given a new copy.  The book is lush.  It’s ripe with atmosphere and details, unbelievable magic and emotions.  Feelings that you long for and don’t want to deal with.  You can feel the rooms like you’re standing there with the characters and you get to know everyone so well.  It’s the start of a series but a damn fine start.  There are many others but I will always go back to that one.

So as I work on chapter 3 of the new book, tell me about your favorite old book.  Tell me why.  What make a book everlasting for you?

Unlucky #13

Good morning, my lovelies and dark fellows, if any guys are reading things.  I’ve poured my first cup of coffee and counted up the acceptances that I keep in an email folder and realized that there are now 13 of them.  That’s not too bad considering that I’ve only been trying for 2 years and most of them have happened in this second.  But I’m left with this feeling that I’ve got to get away from 13.  I thought I could put everything else down for the most part and just focus on my book but I know me and me says, “Get the Hell away from 13 or you’ll never get another thing published.”  I’m a very superstitious kind of girl, always have been.  So maybe one or two more while I work on the book just to get some distance.

I’m hoping that the new book Obsession will come today so I can get that thrill of seeing my name on the TOC.  That feels so freaking good.  I’m not a self-bloated ego girl so something like my name in a book does wonders for me.  Maybe I’ll even sign the ones I have just so I can say that I’ve signed a book. lol  What d’ya think?

I know it’s 5am now because I Love Lucy reruns are playing softly on the television.  I’ve never watched them before but now I think I’ve seen all of them.  Or at least the ones the station plays over and over.  Wow, that was off topic.

Anyway, I need to relax.  What do you do to relax?  Give me a comment.  I don’t know if there’s a secret way to tell me if you have some secret thing you do but if it works, I’d love to try it  Writing used to be it for me and it still is but I need more.  So tell me, what do you do when you’re not creating other worlds in your heads to just chill out?

Long Day Ahead, I Think

Yes, my lovely darklings, I believe it’s going to be one of those days.  I’m not sure why yet.  Could be that I’m awake with my coffee, freezing on an August 23rd and posting way too early with a list of things to do today and it’s just too early to start doing any of them really.  I do like this time of the morning.  There’s no pressure, I can hear whatever is on the television and I can pick out the little noises in the house that says even if I’m alone someone else is here.  My mind has time to wander freely and I can just think.  But the pillow keeps calling me even though I know that no real good will come of it, so would any descent writing come from now?  Maybe the problem is that I’ve had to switch to decaffeinated coffee and I haven’t fully adjusted yet.  Maybe even the sarcastic one needs to just snuggle in for a little while.  Who knows?

The point is, this is an oppurtunity to write an I can’t pass it up even if I have to go back and edit and delete until it doesn’t look like anything I started with.  Even as I type this my time is passing by.  Another cup of coffee, if you can call decaffeinated stuff that, has to come first.  At the very least Chapter 2 will be finished today and Chapter 3 will be started.  I have decided to set my steady pace and I will keep it.

Hold on, coffee’s cold and I have to get another before I finish this up.  🙂  Okay, it’s cold from underneath this blanket I’m wrapped up in but I’ve got my coffee.  Mission accomplished.  Day has begun.  So this is a writer’s blog but I promised some other things.  Tell me what you’re favorite horror movie is and why if you’re up for it.  That’s a hard one, I know.  So many classics, so much new stuff.  Even I can’t really narrow it down.  I’d have to go for original Night of the Living Dead, Prince of Darkness, and Halloween.  Jaws messes me up because I’m terrified of the vastness of the ocean.  You just don’t know what’s out there and you’re so alone.  The original Alien gets me for the same reason, though those aren’t quite horror, horror to me.  I’ll stop now since I’m rambling along and could probably just keep going.  I could talk horror movies forever. lol  On we go, my darklings.  Have a wonderful gray day.  😉

It’s Easy and Hard

Well, my darklings, this book thing I’m working on is, as the title states, both easier and harder than I thought it would be.  It’s never really easy, easy.  Creating something out of thin air isn’t the simplest thing in the world.  If you’re any kind of artist, or even just blogging and trying to say what you’re thinking and feeling, you know that’s true.  But my ideas are there.  There enough this time that I actually have a kind of plan to follow.  I’m not just writing, thinking:  Yeah, that would be cool next because then…  But it’s hard because I need to take my time some.  Chapter one is done.  Forced to go slowly and I’ll probably go back to add to it so it’s deeper but done, nonetheless.

Hard comes in because now that I know where I want to go, I just want to get there but this character needs to experience everything to make her the person she is meant to be or the whole book is pointless.  Plus, if I take my time I’m less likely to make mistakes and that saves on the editing and polishing and I REALLY hate that part.

I always welcome every comment I get, but I have some questions for any fellow writers out there.  What kind of time table do you set for yourself?  Do you bother or do you usually do like I do and just write until it just doesn’t come out anymore and the end has been reached?  I’m working on chapter 2, like I said and if I follow a chapter a day for a month, that 30 and I’m done save for editing.  Maybe that’s the way to go?  Any advice for me?

Catchy Title Goes Here

Did it catch you?  I hope so because I couldn’t think of another title. lol  I guess I shouldn’t admit that but I’m being honest here and sometimes the title comes last.  I like that though, so it’s going to stay.

Last night I received an acceptance for a very short story I wrote for an anthology for Wicked East Press.  I have already started on the new book so the email was a good thing.  One less thing for me to worry about while I write.  I want this book to be excellent.  Really everything I write I want to be excellent but this one I feel needs to have hands and teeth and heart and soul to grab and hold on with.  Yes, they all do.  But yesterday’s desperation is today’s… extra desperation.  If you write you know this feeling.  You want it so badly, you know that inside you are stories that will make people feel.

I don’t think the short stories are going to stop.  I think I’ll use them as my adult format since my books are more YA paranormal and I’ve just got too much scary stuff in my head to unleash on kiddies sometimes.  If I even get my old CPU working, I’ll post some of my old shorts on here.  Until then, unless something miraculous happens, it might have to be some of the poetry from now on since I’m going to be directing the writing to The Book.  But stick with me, Gothlings, the posts will keep coming.  I’ll keep updating and there will be more interesting stuff to come, I’m sure.  I’m chock full of weird. lol  😉

Desire and The Desperate Dream

This morning I’m waiting for Obsession to arrive.  It’s too soon yet but there’s something great about waiting for a book to come with your name on the TOC.  While waiting, I’ve been thinking.  Again.  Sometimes I worry about that but that’s what we do as writers, isn’t it?  Think.  Watch people interact.  See how to make them real, how to give them just enough description to let a reader make them real for themself?

Here’s what I think.  I’ve been waiting too long.  Sometimes inspiration comes like a bolt of true love.  You have to write it.  You know it’s great and lasting.  But sometimes you have to sit down and work at it.  It isn’t always that shot in the dark.  Sometimes it’s a little seed of an idea that you’ve got to sit down and nurture and grow into something strong and withstanding.  It isn’t always easy and that’s where desire comes in.  If you want it badly enough, you know you can do it.  Take the thought, the tiny glimpse of a novel and lead it through the growing process.  Give it deep roots so that it can hold strong against your own frantic desperation, which will come.  You’ll have to prune your book with editing.  But in the end you have to grow it into something worth keeping, worth reading, worth selling.  And, for most of us, including me, you need an agent to help get that beautiful book/tree/plant out there for the world to see.

The point is, I have a great, caring agent who believes in what I write.  And I think I have a new idea.  This was not a the thundercrack of Brimstone Blues, which is still my favorite.  But I think this will grow into to something really cool.  Something people will want to read and read again.  Hopefully.  So today I’m going to sit down at this computer again and start a new book.  And the heroine may just have to be the kick-ass goth chick who looks great in thigh high fishnets and likes old school Nine Inch Nails that I blogged about previously.  Here we go again.  🙂